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The Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons has released its fourth publication, “Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons: Position Statement to Promote Cancer Surgery Globally.” The publication addresses the imbalance between the importance of surgery and the inadequate emphasis on surgery for cancer care on the global stage. The most recent publication was co-authored by surgical oncologists representing 14 oncology societies, representing 75% of the global cancer burden.

To learn more about the Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons and read their publications click here.

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The Lancet Oncology Commission Taps Chandrakanth Are, MD to Lead Development of Global Cancer Surgery (TLO-CGCS) Part II Report

In September 2015, The Lancet Oncology Commission published “Global Cancer Surgery: Delivering Safe, Affordable and Timely Cancer Surgery,” a review of the inequities in global cancer care. As a follow-up to the first report, Chandrakanth Are, MD, surgical oncologist and global advocate on elevating standards for international surgical cancer care, has been appointed by the Lancet Oncology Commission to lead the development of The Lancet Oncology Commission on Global Cancer Surgery- Part II Report. Through his leadership as the Chair of the Society of Surgical Oncology’s (SSO) International Committee and Director of the Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons (GFCS), he is well-equipped to take on the issues that vary dramatically from country to country. Learn more about this upcoming publication.

Global Curriculum

Addressing the rising burden of global cancer care requires appropriately trained surgical oncologists. The SSO and the European Society of Surgical Oncology came together to develop a global curriculum to address variations and inadequacies in training.

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