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Introducing the New SSO BrandWe are proud to announce that SSO has a new brand – both a visual representation with a new logo and new brand messaging. The change reflects how our Society is dynamic, contemporary, and moving forward. We use the words “Leading. Together.” to reflect our position as THE organization leading the surgical oncology profession as well as our continual efforts to lead members to increasing levels of achievement and excellence.

SSO is a dynamic global community of cancer surgeons shaping advancements in the profession to deliver the highest quality surgical care for cancer patients. SSO promotes leading edge research, quality standards, and knowledge exchange connecting cancer surgeons worldwide to continuously improve cancer outcomes. Our highly regarded educational events and resources inspire members and spur each cancer surgeon to grow, improve, and thrive.

This is our promise we make to our members, supporters, partners, and representatives across the healthcare profession. Our members in 70 countries embrace the values that have enabled cancer surgeons to continually expand their knowledge, refine their decision-making skills, and drive better outcomes for patients.

SSO builds on our rich history with a new identity that encapsulates what we stand for. We’re dynamic, progressive, inviting, and innovative – and we’re the go-to society advancing excellence for cancer surgeons around the world.

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