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Fuel the Future of Surgical Oncology by Supporting the SSO Research and Education Fund

Honor Your Mentor with a Gift to the SSO Research and Education Fund

The impact of a mentor can stay with you throughout your entire career; indeed, throughout your life. Providing guidance, inspiration, and wisdom, a good mentor sets his or her trainees on a path for success. Celebrate the powerful impact that a surgical oncologist has had on your career, your research and your commitment to caring for patients by making a donation to the SSO Research and Education Fund. Your mentor acknowledgment will be shared on SSO’s website and at SSO 2021 as a testament to the significance that others have had in shaping your future*.

In this episode, Sandra Wong, MD, speaks with Ronald DeMatteo, MD, about the SSO Research and Education Fund’s “Honor Your Mentor” campaign. Dr. DeMatteo talks about his mentors, Leslie Blumgart, MD, and Murray Brennan, MD.

Donors and Honorees (Honorees can be Mentors and/or Honored Colleagues)

* Mentor acknowledgment will be shared only with your permission.

DonatePromoting Leading Edge Research

Behind each new treatment or advanced technique is the surgeon researcher who helped bring it from bench to reality, and the surgeon mentor who trained a future surgeon to use it. The SSO has always been proud to provide our members with research and educational opportunities that keep cancer surgeons on the leading edge of best practices for effective cancer care. You can join us in this effort by giving to the SSO Research and Education Fund.

100% of Donations go to Research and Education

In late 2018, the SSO Foundation (SSOF) Board and the SSO Executive Council unanimously approved a decision to transition all SSOF assets to the SSO Research and Education Fund, a restricted fund of the SSO. This shift ensures that 100% of your donation will be used to support research grants and select educational programming, with no portion going toward operations.Those overhead and fundraising costs will be assumed by the SSO.

Commitment to Excellence

The SSO Research and Education Fund will continue to connect members to funding through grants such as the Young Investigator Award and the Clinical Investigator Award, and state-of-the-art educational resources that drive increasing levels of excellence in practice.

Your donations make a difference!

Surgical oncology is constantly evolving. The SSO strives to be one step ahead: to anticipate the needs of surgeons around the world caring for cancer patients and to offer programs to meet those needs. Your 2019 donation will enhance our ability to provide vital programs and services to SSO members.

Make your gift today to demonstrate your commitment to supporting the surgeon scientist.

Text SSODONATE to 41444 or click here.

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